About Brian


My Dad and I--Nice outfit, Bri

The place of my birth? Juarez, Mexico. The year? 1917. A man named Juan Mendez carried me through the streets of Chihuahua. Daily, he filled me with fresh meats, cheeses and lettuce. Revolution soldiers and children alike enjoyed my company--little did I know that I would become a celebrated culinary masterp--wait, oh, oh no. That’s…that’s not my origin story…that’s the origin story of the burrito. I am, uh, not a burrito…much as I would like to be.


My Sister and I--WOW, I WAS COOL

Actual place of birth? Augusta, Georgia. Actual year? 19-Something. The long and very short of it is, I’m a professional actor who takes his playtime very seriously. I was raised in Florida, went to college there and had my first professional acting experience there. Then I left. Moved to Atlanta and had a few experiences there. Then I left. Now I live in New York City. I’m here with the love of my life and far more talented Molly Coyne and our two cats, Toby and Little Stink.


Molly and I--She's EVERYTHING

I love baseball. I love Insanity workouts. I love playing video games. Other than that, I’m here to knock on every door, shake every hand and reply to every email. Whatever it takes to get the work. So, if you want to work together, let’s do it. Go to the Contact page to call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.


The Family